Online 3D Product Cycle Development

From the prototype to the product

Value Chain of Innovation

Successful high-tech startups and newcos, in this permanent changing environment, are
those who pursuit continuously new methods to generate competitive advantages.

High-tech enterprises successfully accomplished these advantages through the creation of innovations, building their own "value chain of innovation" .

“Innovation is an iterative process initiated by the perception of a new market and/or new service opportunity for a technology-based invention which leads to development, production, and marketing tasks striving for the commercial success of the invention”.
Most startups seriously underestimate the amount of time and/or effort the entire process will take.

There seems to be an expectation among new product creators that everything will go right the first time.

Indeed, the relative ease with which they can have preliminary prototypes made can lead to a false sense of progress.

Many product developers make tremendous visual progress in the early stages, creating prototypes that look and function like the finished product, leading them to feel that they have made significant progress.

And while they certainly have, there is easily still two to three times more work to do. The remaining two thirds of the work involves designing for manufacturing, engineering and testing in preparation for the manufacturing stage.

And hundreds of man hours per month for the software simulation tests of the materials are involved.

For many kind of reasons, many any these projects never reach the last step, while others fails in the first 6 months.


   Online 3D Product Cycle Development Services

The team of ES Design can handle a higher level of "Online 3D Product Cycle Development Services"

These services include end-to-end technology management services
and business process consulting for the product cycle development programme.

Our team can provide 3D engineering design services for all the stages of the prototype process.


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