Digital Transformation & Business Development

Digital Transformation

The digital transformation — the use of technology to radically improve performance  — is an approach that CEOs are pursuing.

The three areas of an enterprise that are the focus of such transformations are: business models, customer experience, and operational processes.

Concentrating on one or more of these areas helps transformation leaders focus their skills, expertise, and resources in the best way possible and ensures that the correct leaders align to a specific effort.


The two main critical factors of a successful digital trans­formation are:

(1) Whether enough people within the organization are aware of the challenges ;

(2) Whether enough people within the organization are aware of understanding which are the drivers of a digital transformation, so that organizations know where to focus their time and resources.

Only those companies with the ability to adapt their strategies and execution in a sustainable way get to benefit from new sale channels, customers, and new business models, will become tagged as "worth of notice" by the new sophisticated worldwide audience of sensible and sensitive consumers.

These new evolving consumers are seriously concerned in handling a high level of awareness regarding the adapting strategies of companies.

The fastest they adapt, the higher level of notice they gain.

Business Development

Business development has three main disciplines. They include marketing, sales, and strategic analysis.

The core dynamics of business development have enabled high tech companies to achieve massive and scalable growth.

For a high tech company to survive in the new era of digital marketing, it has to gain a deep understanding of the way in which the big wave of the digital transformation is pushing and pulling the ICT industry ecosystem.

This knowledge is vital in maintaining growth due to the changing delivery mechanisms.

Also, the ability to reassess interactions with downstream sales channels, upstream suppliers, customers, extended supply chains, and go-to-market partners connecting the whole network enables the establishment of a reliable robust digital company's backbone.

ES Design understands the dynamics of this turbolent arena.

Cloud computing, social media, and mobile use are the fundamental trends reshaping the digital ecosystem.

Major tech firms are embracing the full spectrum of creativity, invention and innovation in every business model strategy.

That happens by identifying potential co-creating partners, assessing current innovation strategies and operating models, and designing and implementing leading-practice strategies.

It is not only a digital transformation, but it is much more extented and pervasive to extreme areas and zones.

A new kind of human centric management is emerging, focused on the intercultural dialogue transformation in which our society is involved.

They is a lot more to say about this new design thinking process.


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