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Get "Heron v2018" and increase your productivity while reducing your hourly operating cost.

All hardware maintenance costs covered by us.
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Whether you need a short term or a flexible system for a long term process, the "Heron v2018" has a price policy to fit your needs.

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Heron v2018 is a mobile robot remotely controlled (outdoor and indoor) for security, surveillance, monitoring and inspection.

Heron v2018 belongs to the family of all weather and all terrain intelligent security six legged robot series.



      Heron v2018 is based on an a "Robot as Service Platform".

      1) A mobile robot

      2) Cloud computing platform

      3) A web dashboard for live data visualization



Main Versions

Heron v2018 has two versions.

With grippers.

With no grippers.


Heron v2018 (with grippers) for dangerous working environments

The version with grippers is usually required when hazards exist in the workplace.

You never know which ones have the most potential to harm workers ?
By identifying hazards at your workplace, you will be better prepared to control or eliminate them
and prevent accidents, injuries and property damage.


Read more

> Hazard Environments


Heron v2018 (with no grippers)


The version with no grippers is used only for sensor measurements.


Main Features

A remotely controlled mobile robot.

Cloud based to store and save all the data.

Dashboard application to visualize the data for smartphones, tablets, notebooks, pc desktops and Smart TVs.


Main Benefits

Assists human activities

Heron v2018 assists human activities in security, surveillance, monitoring and inspection.

Over 4 hours of autonomy

It is suitable for long-time uninterrupted heavy performance and assisting human resources in preventing dangerous tasks such as fire, chemicals, explosives and others.

Video motion, sound, vibration detection

Video motion/sound/vibration detection abilities of the robot are enhanced in terms of quality
with the flexible orientation and movement of the robot remotely controlled.

Main Technical Specifications

Length 50 cm (only body shell)

Width  18 cm (only body shell)

(The size can be modified upon request)

    Distance Remote  Control

    1 Km (Line of Sight)

    (The distance can be modified upon request)

The payload is 200 grams up to 750 grams.

Detection obstacle:
Detection of high sensitivity in front of obstacles.

Obstacle crossing:
The obstacle surmounting is up to 60 mm.

The maximum climbing is 25 degrees.

Pulling force:
The pulling force is 100 grams up to 500 grams.

Sectors of applications

Can be used in warehouses, factories, schools, universities, large commercial properties, banks, hospitals, industrial sites, airports, malls, art galleries, trade fairs, exhibitions, harbour ports, container terminals, stations, prisons, customs, energy plants, chemical sites, stadiums, etc.


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Heron v2018

The first 6 legged robot designed for "Smart City" development.


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